Welcome to ICD-10

phone ICD Welcome to ICD 10On October 1, 2015 the 30 year old ICD-9 codes you and your staff have become so familiar with were finally retired. We have now moved on to the new ICD-10 code set that was created in order to keep up with medical advancements and answer to the needs of health insurance companies.

With roughly 68,000 codes in comparison to the 13,000 in ICD-9, many healthcare providers are left with the time-consuming and costly struggle of learning the new codes. These ICD-10 changes include: expanded injury codes, combination diagnosis/symptom codes, additional sixth and seventh characters, subclassifications, and greater specificity in code assignment (just to name a few.)

Let gingerCube answer your needs

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  • • Don’t worry about purchasing the new ICD-10 codes for your current billing software. Don’t fret over the possibility of your hardware not supporting that update. Nix the infrastructure investments altogether with maxCode or maxRVU.

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